Are you an online business owner who needs help with your writing? Maybe you want to improve the quality and efficacy of your web copy and blog posts. Or maybe you want to finally be able to publish regular content on your business website without spending ages writing.

Well, you're in the right place. I can help!

What you get from hiring me as your Content Writer - Sara Bussandri


So you’re a smart and successful business owner. You know how important your website is for your business, and you know that publishing great-quality content regularly and consistently will help you rank better in Google so that your prospective clients and customers can actually find you. And then get to know, like and trust you, and, ultimately, buy from you.

Maybe you enjoy writing and you’ve given it a go in the past, with not-so-shabby results. But let’s face it, you’re here to actually run and grow your business, to sell your products and services, not to blog. So when work gets busy (and life gets in the way), content marketing goes out of the window.

Or maybe you don’t like writing at all. Maybe you feel it’s just not your thing. You can do it, sure, but it sucks the life out of you. And when you start hearing about SEO, meta descriptions and calls to action your eyes glaze over, and you want to run the other way. The result? You don’t get to share as much content on your website as you would like, and you’re missing opportunities. To be found. To connect with your audience. To show off your amazing experience and expertise. To let your potential clients and customers know why they should work with you or buy your stuff.

Well, you’ll be glad to know that this stops now.


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I’m Sara. I’m a writer, author, blogger and mentor, and I help smart and successful business owners just like you with their writing. A few years ago, my life was very different though.  In 2016, after a 13-year career in the corporate world as a Business Analyst, I nearly burnt out. With three young boys at home, I was working part-time and striving  to be the best I could in all the areas of my life. I ended up putting myself under so much pressure that I got to breaking point.


I broke my leg, left my corporate job, and decided to do more of what I was passionate about. Writing. After managing content for a great company for a number of years, I decided to start my own blog, Mind your Mamma. At the time, I didn’t know much about running a business online. I didn’t know anything about email marketing, and my social media skills were limited to chatting to friends and family on Facebook. 

The learning curve was steep, but I loved every minute of it. 

I joined some fantastic groups of business women, made some amazing connections, worked with a great coach, listened to podcasts, read books, and attended webinars and online courses. You name it. I probably did it. I wrote every day (and still do), published regular content on my blog, reached out to online magazines and other popular blogs and websites, and even fulfilled my dream of becoming an author by writing and self-publishing my first book, Recovering from your Broken Tibia.

2017 was incredible and exhilarating.

And while I was sharing tips and tricks on my blog – writing about mindfulness and mindset for an audience of busy mums – the questions started pouring in. 

How do you do it? How do you write so consistently? How do you read and write so much and so quickly? How do you stay so focused and motivated? And where do you find the time?!

Can you help me?

Can you help me with my blog? With my web copy? 

Can you help me come up with ideas for interesting stuff to write? And to write it well and quickly? 

Can you help me work out how I can even get started?

Of course, I can. Because I’ve been there and done that. 

I spent ages trawling the internet looking for answers and trying to get my hands on anything that could help. I spent more than a year reading and learning. Investing in myself. Honing in on the craft. Writing stuff that worked and (let’s be honest) stuff that didn’t. And I learnt some more in the process. 

I published close to 300 pieces of content on the internet. My blog is still going strong, I’m currently editing my second book and planning my third, I’ve created a FREE 7-day email course to help business owners write blog post quickly and efficiently, and I regularly ghost write and re-purpose content for my clients. I also teach local workshops and offer one-to-one sessions to business owners just like you who want to learn how to make blogging work for their business

I’ve achieved all this since leaving my corporate job at the end of 2016 – and my youngest son isn’t even in full-time school yet! 

To top it all off, English isn’t even my native language. I’m pretty much bilingual now, but I’m a native Italian speaker, and I’m super-passionate about helping non-native English speakers learn how to create and share content in English, just like I do.

Because for me, it comes down to this. If you want to do something in life, you have to go for it. Don’t know how? Find out. Learn. Work for it. Be consistent and be smart. You can’t do everything on your own, so ask for help when you need it. And you’ll get there faster (wherever it is you want to get to). 

Learning, writing, and teaching are my strengths and passions. And I shaped my business around those very strengths and passions.

Yours may lay elsewhere, which is why you created a different business to mine. So while you do your thing and go and make your business a success, let me do mine. And I’ll help you get to where you want to get even faster.

Are you an online business owner who's ready to outsource some of your business writing tasks?

Are you an online business owner who's looking to learn how to write, optimise or re-purpose content?

Are you a non-native English speaking online business owner looking to improve your written English?