Would you like to blog regularly, but you're too busy with client work?

You’ve been trying to stick to a monthly blogging routine. But you just don’t have the time. No matter how much planning you do or time you set aside, other priorities always take over. 

I get that. 

And I’m here to help you take the pressure off and save you time by writing your blog posts for you. Every month.  


picture this...

At the beginning of each month, you decide which topics you’d like to blog about. 

You either send me a rough draft or an audio/video summary and leave it with me. 

You carry on with your work (doing what you do best and serving your clients), while I turn your ideas into blog posts. 

In your style. Your tone of voice. Your branding.  

I optimise the content for search, so you get to increase your chances of more of your ideal customers or clients finding you in Google, and I upload the blog post directly onto your WordPress website. 

All you have to do is skim read and publish. 

Does it sound good? 

Step 1


Send me some notes (bullet points will do) or a quick audio or video recording.

Step 2


I find the best key words and write your blog post (around 1,500 words) with SEO in mind.  

Step 3


If you’re on WordPress, I upload the posts for you taking care of tags, categories, SEO data etc.

when to hire me

If you’re committed to a Content Marketing strategy but don’t have the time to follow it through, outsourcing your writing might just be the solution you’re after!

I work with personal brands and small businesses who want to blog regularly and consistently (ideally once a week but twice a month as a minimum). 

I have experience in a variety of different businesses and industries, so if you operate in one of these niches, let’s talk:  

  • Health and well-being (including elderly care).
  • Coaching and consulting (life coaching, health coaching, business coaching, etc.)
  • Marketing, web design, and social media.
  • Motherhood, parenting, and other lifestyle-related topics. 
Do you think we could work together?


You’ll find my latest, up-to-date prices on my Pricing page.

I offer two different packages (at different price points) to suit your needs. So I can either write 2 blog posts a month for you or 4.

If you’re happy to go ahead and work with me, I ask all my clients for a minimum commitment of 3 months. Ask me for some examples if you’d like to see any before committing to working with me! 

In order for the blog posts I write for you to really work for you and your business, I need to get to know you, your brand, and your business REALLY WELL. And I can’t do that if you only ask me to write a one-off blog post for you. So the first 3 months of us working  together will be our ‘trial’ period. If all goes well, by the end of it, no one will be able to tell the difference between something you’ve written and something I’ve written for you. 

I don’t normally offer this as a service, and that’s because the more you blog, the better and quicker results you’ll get. Content Marketing is a long-term strategy, so if you only write one post a month, you may find it’s not enough to make a difference in your business.

Having said that, if you have specific reasons or needs as to why you only want to publish one blog post a month, get in touch and let’s talk about it. 

I get that you’re worried about this – I don’t know what you know, and I’m not you!

But through working with different clients and experts over the last few years, I have developed a process that allows me to capture your brand and your voice. This blog post tells you how I’m able to write in your voice

As for the content, I will need you to provide me with an idea and some pointers of what you want me to write, so we can make sure that the content you share is unique to you and your business. You can find out more information about how my blog writing service works here.

In order to be effective, your blog posts need to work for your audience, for SEO, and for your business. If the topics you pick don’t tick all these boxes, you might find your Content Marketing efforts aren’t as effective as they could be.

If that’s you, I can help you by training you or your staff to plan your content more strategically through a one-off online one-to-one session, or I can manage the whole process for you (from strategy to execution) if you choose my with my VIP Business Blog Management Service

Yes! I will research the best longtail keyword to use (unless you have any suggestions) and hand over your blog post to you, ready to be published. If you’re on WordPress and want me to  upload your blog posts onto your website, I can do that, as long as you’re happy to give me access to your website. (You’ll need to create an Editor login for me, please). I’ll optimise your post, include all the SEO information (meta data, etc.), your tags, and your categories. And if you provide me with images, I can upload and optimise those too. If you’re not on WordPress, I’ll get your blog post ready and share in a Google Doc. 


I’ve been working with Sara for 6 months now, and she’s a fantastic writer, who totally gets what I do. She’s has helped me immensely not only in writing blogs, but in articulating clearly what I do. She gets me to think differently about what I want to write about, by thinking about what the reader might want to know (and thereby search for), as opposed to what I want to share. She is extremely flexible in her way of working. She’s also very efficient and very quick at responding to requests/questions. I have learnt a lot about how to plan and write content for my website that is enjoyable to read for the readers as well as easily found by google! I can only highly recommend Sara – her work is excellent.

What about seo?

If you’re not creating and publishing search-engine-friendly content, you might be missing out on opportunities to be found and to reach a wider audience. 

Let’s not do that! 

The thing about me is that I careI want your Content Marketing efforts to work just as much as you do, which is why all my blog posts are optimised for search. 

Unless you’re already working with an SEO expert, I can advise you on the most suitable keywords to optimise your blog posts for. 

All your titles, sub-headings, images, meta descriptions (and more) will be optimised for you. In other words, I take care of your on-page SEO so you can be sure your blog posts have the potential to rank well in Google.

And if you want to invest in a full SEO strategy, I can put you in touch with one of my colleagues, and work together to get the most of out of your Content Marketing. 

Ready to go ahead? 

have more questions about my blog writing services?

Want to know exactly what happens when you hire me and what I need from you?

blog writing service and packages explained


Sara’s done a fantastic job while helping me with my blogs. I was determined to produce at least one blog a month but found I was struggling to manage this while busy with my client work. Having Sara’s support helped me to stick to my monthly goal and took the pressure off of me. I know that Sara works in different ways with different clients to suit their needs. I personally liked to provide her with a first draft, that she then (drastically) improved for me. […] Sara’s been able to lift the tone of my writing, making it far more welcoming and engaging for the reader. She is also a keywords expert; so it is a relief to know she chooses effective titles and includes the right keywords to help the post to rank well in Google. Another huge benefit in having Sara’s support is the fact that she uploads the blogs directly onto my WordPress website, saving me a considerable amount of time. I can’t recommend Sara highly enough for anyone considering using a writer to help them with their blog.

Fay Wallis - Career Coach & CV Expert, Bright Sky Career Coaching


Let’s talk about how I can save you time and help you share more content to take your business to the next level!