Are you a podcaster looking for help to re-purpose your audio content into

If you want your audio content to work harder for you, turning your podcast episodes into well-written blog posts will allow you to reach a larger audience. Think about people who don’t normally listen to podcasts. Or those who’d rather read a piece of text than listen to an interview. Or anyone searching on Google for help or information on a particular topic. 
A search-engine friendly blog post has more chances than a podcast episode of ranking on the first page of the Google search results for the keywords you have selected to optimise it for. 
Why? Because you can optimise your podcast title, introduction, or show notes, for example. But a blog post of around 1,500 will be seen by the Google bots as more in-depth content. And it has better chances of showing up first. So if you’re not re-purposing your podcast episodes, you’re missing opportunities of having more people find your amazing content! 
An episode transcription can help too, of course. But a super-long text full of colloquialisms and repetition isn’t as likely to keep your reader engaged. They may have landed on your website looking for information. But they can’t find it easily, so they click the back button, and you’ll probably never see them again. 

So what do you do? You ditch the transcription and re-purpose your podcast episodes instead.

And because I understand that going from a transcription to a standalone, well-written and well-structured blog posts takes a lot of re-work and time, I can help!
Just provide me with the episode transcription, and I’ll turn either 2 or 4 of your podcast episodes per month into standalone, search-engine friendly blog posts. Click here if you want to know more about prices.   

Do you need some help with your

Did you know a podcast came with so much writing? You’ve got the title and introduction, the show notes, the newsletter, the social media posts to promote it, the re-purposing into a blog post, and potentially even a short script to create an episode-related promo video. Of course, the amount of work and writing involved in your podcast production and promotion depends on how invested you are in it, and how much (or how little) you’ve decided to promote it. 

If you want to take care of all your podcast-related writing tasks, so you can just turn up and record your episode and walk away, I’ve got you covered. 
Have a look at my Podcasting Package, and just get in touch to discuss your individual requirements so we can talk about how I might be able to help you. 
Please note that if you would like me to upload and optimise your re-purposed blog posts straight onto your WordPress website, I’ll need Editor access to your website.