Would you like your podcast content to work harder for you?

You put an incredible amount of time, passion, and dedication into your show.  

And you LOVE podcasting. 

But you also know that if you could just find the time to turn your podcast episodes into blog posts, you could get so much more out of your content! 


picture this...

With your podcast content available as written blog posts, you now reach a much bigger audience. 

More of your ideal customers and clients find you on Google. 


And the number of enquiries you receive has gone up. 

Plus, you’re now able to connect with anyone who prefers reading over listening. 

Not to mention you get to use your blog content for your social media posts, your newsletters, and any other marketing material you create. 

All this happens because you’re turning your audio content into blog posts. 

Except that…

You just. Don’t. Have. The time.  

And that’s where I come in.

Step 1


Solo episodes of around 20-30 minutes work a treat for re-purposing! 

Step 2


Pick your favourite transcription software and send me your 5,000-7,000 word transcript.

Step 3


I’ll turn your transcription into a 1,500-2,000 fully-optimised blog post.

why hire me to turn your podcast episodes into blog posts?

Turning (or re-purposing) your podcast episodes into well-written, search-friendly blog posts allows you create a library of content on your website that will help you:

  • drive more traffic to your website,
  • establish yourself an an expert in your field,
  • and connect with your audience in a different way. 
By optimising your blog posts for different keywords to the ones you used for your podcast episodes, you increase your chances of being found on Google. 
But re-purposing every single podcast episode into a standalone, optimised blog post takes time. A lot of time. Time you don’t have and time you’re better off spending in other areas of your business.
So let me help. 
Let me save you time, get more eyes and ears on your amazing content, and make your podcast work harder for your business. 


Head over to my Pricing page to find out about the latest prices. If you’re happy to go ahead, I ask my clients for a minimum commitment of 3 months, and I offer two different options where I’ll either re-purpose 2 episodes a month or 4 episodes a month for you. Ask me for some examples if you’d like to see any before committing to working with me! 

Re-purposing a 30-40 minute podcast episode can take anything between 3 and a half hours to 5 hours. This blog post tells you everything you need to know about the process of re-purposing a podcast episode into a standalone, fully-optimised blog post. 

You can get a transcription of your podcast episodes from websites like Rev.com, Temi, or Otter. If you don’t have time to get this done, just ask me! For an additional fee, I will arrange a transcription for you and tick the task off your to-do list. 

They can. But I found that solo episodes work better, especially if they’re well-planned and well-structured, with a number of clear different points or topics. A lot more editing goes into interview posts, which also tend to be longer and less focused. The feedback from some of my clients is that blog posts that are re-purposed from solo interviews tend to get a better response with their audience. 

Well spotted! Despite the amount of research required (both around the topic and around keywords) writing a blog post from scratch is much quicker than re-purposing a podcast episode. 

A re-purposed blog post is generally around 1,500-2,000 words, but it’s been cut down from 7,000-8,000+ words! A LOT of editing goes into it, which is why a re-purposed post can take anything between 3 and a half and 5 hours! You can read more about the re-purposing process here. Plus, with re-purposing, you are GUARANTEED that the blog posts are exactly in your voice, which is a massive extra bonus when it comes to connecting with your audience. 

Yes! I will research the best longtail keyword to use (unless you have any suggestions) and hand over your blog post to you, ready to be published. If you want me to upload your blog posts onto your Content Management System (WordPress and the likes), I can do that for a small additional fee, as long as you’re happy to give me access to your website. (You’ll need to create an Editor login for me, please). 


Sara is invaluable for anyone who has a podcast. I hired Sara to re-purpose our podcast episodes into blog posts, and from the first post, Sara just got our voice. You couldn’t tell it was written by anyone but us! Not only that, but Sara understands SEO. She writes for the reader but also knows how to optimise a blog post for search. She’s saved us hours of work every week that we use to spend on other areas in our business. When you hire Sara, she takes care of everything from beginning to end – you don’t have to worry about a thing. She is a HUGE asset to any business owner, and I couldn’t recommend her more!

Need some help with your podcast show notes?

By now, you’ve probably learnt (the hard way) that a podcast show comes with a lot of writing tasks. And I bet you hadn’t factored this work in before you committed to a weekly or fornightly show!

Once your episode is recorded, you have to pick a title (a keyword-rich title that will also appeal to your audience, create a (keyword) description for iTunes, write the show notes (without forgetting the links to all the resources you said you’d include!), and as a minimum, you have to write social media posts and potentially a newsletter to let your audience know a new episode is out.

Who’s got the time to do all that?

(Spoiler alert – even if you think you do, I can promise you it’s not a good use of your time!).

So just get in touch and let’s talk about what you need!

still not sure about the re-purposing service?

Find out why you can’t afford NOT to turn your podcast episodes into blog posts!

7 reasons why you should re-purpose your podcast episodes into blog posts, Sara Bussandri, Content Writer


Sara is my saviour when it comes to my show notes for my Social Bee Podcast. Before I ‘met’ Sara online, I was writing my own show notes – let’s just say they have gone up about ten notches! Thanks so much Sara – brilliant writing, always helpful and highly recommended.

Louise Brogan - Host of The Social Bee podcast


Get in in touch and let’s talk about how I can save you time!