I get it.

If you’re going to hire me to take care of your writing or to help you to write fantastic copy and content that will convert, you need to know that… well… I CAN write.

You can sample my writing by clicking on the Blog section of this website or head over to one of the places below. Take your pick and enjoy!

My lifestyle blog - Mind your Mamma

If you’re a mum and in the market for some mindset and lifestyle tips to stop feeling exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed, head over to the Mind your Mamma blog. With close to 150 blog posts, you’ll find plenty of practical tips, advice and information (as well as food for thought) about overcoming stress and overwhelm, self-care and self-development, and mindfulness and meditation.

Oh, I should also add that I’m a self-help junkie, so I’ve gone and written a book about my experience with a broken leg, and I share a fair bit of content on my blog on that topic too. Granted that’s not for everyone, so feel free to skip the bit that says ‘Broken leg & intramedullary nail’ (unless that’s exactly what you were looking for, of course!)


I feel extremely honoured to have had the opportunity to contribute to the amazing platform created by the one and only Chris Ducker, CEO and Founder of Youpreneur.com. If you want to find out more about how to write blog content faster by batching your writing, click below to read my guest post on Youpreneur.com.


This is the perfect place for you if you’re a mum looking for expert advice and intelligent content created by mums for mums. They cover all ages and stages and offer classes too! I’ve been lucky enough to publish a number of articles on this fab website as a freelance writer – the topics range from essentialism, happiness, stress, fear of failure, and even Christmas! What more could you ask for?!

Huff Post (Huffington Post UK)

Being accepted as HuffPost blogger was probably one of my proudest moments of my career as a freelance writer. Head over to the HuffPost to read my thoughts about change, stress, burnout, distracted living and ways to create new habits and find time to meditate (among other things!)

My book - Recovering from your broken tibia - a practical guide to healing from intramedullary nail surgery, from one patient to another

Talk about a niche topic, right? Well, the story goes that I broke my leg (tibia and fibula) back in 2016. I had surgery and whole lot of titanium added to my leg. Then I was sent home and told it’d take about 5 months for me to ‘get back to normal’. Now, if you say that to a mum of three young children who’s extremely curious and stubborn (okay, let’s say determined), you also need to tell her what those months are going to look like, and what she can do to help the process along.

Poor Mr Google was questioned loads, but ultimately, I had to learn the hard way. So instead of just wishing there was a book I could read during those first few days and months after my injury, I decided to write and publish one for people going through a similar experience. I hope that’s not you, really, but if it is (or you’re just so curious to sample my writing that you’d read a book about broken legs), you can find it on your local Amazon site