Teaching: Online 1-to-1 on Business Blogging

Learn how to create a blogging strategy and schedule and come up with an easy-to-follow method to generate ideas and write content quickly.

Only £195.00

  • Do you ever sit in front of the laptop with the intention of writing a blog post but have no idea what to write about?
  • Do you worry that your ideas for content may not be interesting, relevant or useful for your audience?
  • Does it take you forever to write a blog post and you find that although you wish you could publish posts regularly and consistently, you just can’t seem to get into the habit?

Would you like to come up with a way of generating and capturing a constant flow of ideas for content that will help you connect with your audience so you never run out of or question your ideas again? Would you like to have an easy-to-follow system of writing effective blog posts quickly so that you could dedicate a smaller portion of your time to writing and, instead, focus on other areas of your business that need your attention?

Book my tailored 90-minute 1-to-1 Blogging for Business session. I will help you to:

  • Understand how posting regular content on your business blog can help you increase your website traffic as well as your authority and credibility.
  • Come up with a constant flow of ideas that add value to your potential customers by solving their problems.
  • Create an easy process that works for you to help you write useful and effective blog content that, in the long run, will both save you time and bring you more business so you don’t have to go out looking for it.

During our consultation, you’ll receive practical and actionable advice that’s specific and tailored to you, your business and your brand. Implement these easy tips and you’ll no longer spend ages at the laptop wondering what to write about. By creating a dedicated time each week (or each fortnight) to create valuable content for your audience, you’ll save time, attract more customers and obtain a competitive edge over similar online businesses.

Publishing regular content on your business blog, will help you create a stronger online brand presence, help you become a more effective marketer and build that like, know and trust factor that will convert your visitors into satisfied paying customers. Follow my advice and you’ll be able to focus on sharing your message and experience with confidence, knowing your clients will take you seriously and see you for the knowledgeable and trustworthy professional that you are.


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