Teaching: Online 1-to-1 Consultation with Sara

I bet you didn’t know being a business owner came with so much writing. Do you feel stuck anywhere? Struggling? Pick my brains and use my experience to move your business forward. (And get an extra 30 mins for FREE!)

Only £195.00

  • Do you feel unsure about the type of written work you put out there? Perhaps you don’t feel confident about your English or about your writing skills in general?
  • Have you tried blogging but aren’t sure about what content resonates and connects with your audience or works well from an SEO perspective?
  • Do you feel you need some personalised help to come with ideas, a strategy or a process around writing copy or content for your website?

Would you like some tailored, practical and actionable advice to help you move forward in any of these areas? Would you like some specific help so that you can create a clear strategy and plans, complete with easy processes and methods that will save you time help you create work you can be proud of and that will transform your website visitors into satisfied paying customers who see you as the trustworthy and experienced professional that you are?

Book a 90-minute 1-to-1 Power Hour with me and pick my brains and use my experience to help you move forward. This is perfect for you if you need any help with:

  • Your copywriting – web copy + sales pages + newsletter + social media content.
  • Your content marketing – writing blog posts and re-purposing content + other written marketing material.
  • Your blogging strategy – what to blog about, how often, when etc.
  • Your writing process – how to write quickly and easily without feeling overwhelmed and spending ages in front of the laptop trying to do something you either don’t particularly enjoy or you feel isn’t the best use of your time and skill set.

During our consultation, you’ll receive practical and actionable advice that’s specific and tailored to you, your business and your brand. I will help you save time, attract more customers and obtain a competitive edge over similar online businesses so you can create a stronger online brand presence and become a more effective marketer. With my advice you’ll be able to focus on sharing your message and experience with confidence, knowing your clients will take you seriously and appreciate your knowledge and expertise.


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