Do you struggle to publish regular content on your business blog

Maybe you just can’t find the time. Or maybe you understand how important having a blog is, but you don’t enjoy writing, and that business blog just isn’t going to write itself.

Wouldn’t it be great if well-written, on-brand content in your voice that speaks to your ideal clients and showcases your brand and your products and services would magically appear on your website while you’re busy doing what you love? 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if people who’ve never heard from you before started finding your website though the valuable and engaging (optimised) content you share?


Do you have a podcast and want your content to work harder for you?

Did you know you could turn your podcast episodes into standalone, search-engine friendly blog posts that would appeal to an audience with a different learning style AND would help you be found by more of your ideal clients online? 

How would you feel about your podcast if you could just record your episode and leave all the podcast-related writing tasks to a professional? From show notes to re-purposed blog posts, newsletters and social media posts?

Podcasting packages, monthly package. 2 or 4 podcast episodes re-purposed into standalone blog posts. Sara Bussandri, Digital Content Writer.
What you get from hiring me as your Content Writer - Sara Bussandri

Do you want to learn how to blog for your business?

Maybe you don’t feel ready to outsource all your writing yet. Or maybe you already have lots of ideas or content in different formats that you’d like to publish on your blog.

Would you like me to teach you how to craft well-written, search-engine friendly, and engaging posts for your blog that speak to your ideal clients and showcase your brand? All without spending ages trying to work out what to write and how? I will share a method that will empower you to share regular consistent content that will increase your visibility and your chances of being found. And without getting overwhelmed or burning out in the process!